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Kidney Transplant Update

First off we just want to say thank you to any and every one of our friends and family members who have supported us over the last twelve years. Your selflessness and generosity have been a blessing in our lives. Additionally, the fact that so many of you got tested for kidney donation is astounding and humbling. Words cannot express how grateful we are that so many of you stepped up to consider donating a kidney. I should add here that the transplant team cannot tell us who you are, so if you didn't get a direct thank you from us, it's probably because we didn't know you got tested. In the end we were the recipients of a generous and selfless decision from a family that had just experienced an incredible tragedy and chose to find some good in the face of losing a loved one. Our heartfelt gratitude and sympathy go out to them, whoever they are.

Although this is a great blessing in our lives, it is not the end of the story. Nonetheless, we hope to see you all soon and do many of the things that we had to put off over the last decade because of dialyisis. In the meantime, we urge all of you to register as an organ donor and also to be sure that your loved ones are aware of your wishes. Don't put it off, it can transform the lives of people you never met in ways you can barely imagine. Thank you one and all, you all mean the world to us.

          Hanley and Denile